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The face nearest the centre is marked with double frame lines, indicating that this is the face the camera is monitoring. There are relatively few external controls on the Nikon Coolpix L, even though the size of the body would have allowed more. This 10 megapixel model has a 15x wide-angle zoom lens, providing an equivalent focal range of mm. Great camera I love love love it Verified purchase: For those who just love to zoom in on the perfect shot, this helps prevent muscle strain. What camera should I buy? Sign up to our newsletter:

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It may sound contradictory, but the shooting mode that lets you access the highest number of settings is the Auto mode. You can also purchase special adapters, allowing you to use alternative lenses.

Nikon Coolpix L100

The subject of nikon coolpix l100 review, the Nikon Coolpix L, was introduced along with the P80’s successor, the P90, earlier this year. Would you go mirrorless if everything is worked out? These include D-lighting, cropping and resizing. A 1cm macro feature allows you to get in close to your subject. We rated Nilon as ” Highly Recommended “. Visit the Luminar web site to try it for free. Nikon’s scene auto selector Automatically recognizes the scene and selects from one of six scene modes doolpix best results.

The camera assumes control of everything else by analysing the scene in front of the lens, and choosing one of the six most commonly used scene modes, i. Sony now has a serious contender for mirrorless niikon I like the detail and colour boost given by the processor. On the bottom plate is a metal tripod socket, which is not aligned nikon coolpix l100 the optical axis of the lens.


This can be helpful with capturing fast motion, although there is no guarantee that the subject will actually be in focus. Show More Show Less.

Using the Nikon Coolpix L has left us with mixed impressions. Nikon’s L provides a host colopix other impressive visual goodies. The front nikon coolpix l100 the Nikon Coolpix L is of course dominated nikon coolpix l100 the large lens, even when it sits retracted into its housing.

One of the more interesting features of the Nikon Coolpix Coolppix is the Sport Continuous shooting mode. The optical zoom cannot be used while filming, but of course the lens can be preset to the desired zoom position before you start recording.

If you have, you will not only need to remove it but also to power the camera off and on again. This recognizes when your subject nikon coolpix l100 and automatically adjusts shutter speeds and ISO settings to compensate.

Can’t access nikon coolpix l100 account? To make things even sweeter, you’ll have access to Sports Continuous Scene Mode. Honestly, I struggled to find a use for this. The arrow buttons give quick access to four oft-used functions, which thankfully include exposure compensation.


It’s certainly very small for a camera with a 15x optical zoom covering a useful mm equiv. The Nikon Coolpix L is one of the most highly automated cameras we’ve tested so far. Above these are the camera’s speakers and a nikon coolpix l100 strap eyelet.

Nikon Coolpix L Digital Camera Review

Closing in on the bridge number shows the mm ocolpix end quite well. At the wide end of the zoom range, the vast depth of field might cover up any focusing errors, but not at the telephoto end, which is unfortunately nikon coolpix l100 you are more likely to be when shooting sports.

Wide angle is set at 28mm which gets lots nikon coolpix l100 information in the frame. Great camera I love love love it Verified purchase: Sport continuous mode Nikon coolpix l100 ability to shoot up njkon 30 consecutive pictures at 13 fps can help keep you ahead of most any action scene you wish to shoot.

The top plate features a power button and the shutter release, surrounded by the zoom lever – and that’s it.

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