First revision C1 seems to be another chip with broken perspective correction engine. However cases of unstable textures remained, so it still cannot be considered as correct and accurate per pixel division. Therefore, it is safe to say even cheapest cards with 50 MHz memory will outrun fastest Virge. Since C5 blending is correct and most of perspective problems are fixed. Silicon Integrated Systems is a Taiwanese corporation founded in

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At least packs all the basic 636 needed for proper rendering sis 6326 pci 90’s 3d games. Thus, in SiS remained among technological leaders of integrated graphics chipsets, but in time when it could not find any manufacturing capacity to actually deliver them in numbers market demanded. With graphics business going nowhere SiS decided to get rid of anything not sis 6326 pci for integrated graphics.

To see screenshots of AGP sis 6326 pci this gallery. I guess it would not fit well. Therefore, it is safe to say even cheapest cards with 50 MHz memory will outrun fastest Virge. Views Read Edit View history. Also alpha and scissored planes are tested at render output. I have to comment on 2d speed as well. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Back then all three cards in my possession were this version anyway.


It is just a bit of white shade thrown onto your screen. SiS remained focused on low-end in and sis 6326 pci first TnL chip “” simply tried to do similar DX7 rendering as competition for sis 6326 pci price.

For discrete sis 6326 pci Sus prepared bit architecture numberedbut with uninspiring speed and higher cost was barely registered in the retail market. It is easy to understand why SiS introduced Xabre family with previously non-existing buzz, older cores got very little space in media. In SiS pumped out Xabre graphics cores and long overdue holy grail of the sis 6326 pci Major flaw is how some sia images seem distorted, for example characters in Myth or fonts in Incoming and Unreal.

Still the compatibility is impressive. But guess what, you can play some GlQuake on without it, because it is compatible with the S3 Quake wrapper for Virge.

PCI Video Graphics Card SIS 6326 8mb Old Stock

On the other hand Expendable was broken with older drivers. Couldn’t they come sis 6326 pci with something better? In they introduced their own 3d accelerator, gaining a significant foothold with one million chips sold, and delivered world first motherboard chipset with integrated graphics core. Z-buffer is implemented with rejection of hidden pixels in front to back 632.

From setup unit 32 bit data with 13 bit sis 6326 pci are sent at once to the rasterizer. Here is the gallery to see more. Conclusion and decline of SiS in Windows worked to my satisfaction and with rather robust multimedia software, which was typically bundled with those cards it probably was good and cheap universal graphics card for sis 6326 pci not demanding high gaming performance.


Among those SiS drops it’s 3d junior called At one moment SiS was the only company in the world besides Intel with a full portfolio of 3C technologies, including CPU, core logic, 3d graphics, connectivity and advanced wafer fabrication.

With a chip rather slow can there be much of a difference? At least chipsets business was again gaining momentum thanks to some great innovative designs. The start however was rather rough. What more at x the Virge wrapper is a bit faster than Sis 6326 pci.

To be crowned as king of budget few things were missing: Since the model aimed for low cost over high eis, it capabilities were low compared to contemporary products. Having AGP boards with all three types of memory, quick answer is possible. Quite a family and considering sis 6326 pci had liberty to use any memory they liked, there is a large variety of cards.